At RoFoods, confidentiality and safety of your personal data is significant for us. Within this context it is essential to process and store any kind of personal data of all the people related to RoFoods, including our guests who benefit from our services and products and our business partners, in compliance with the provisions of Code 6698 on “Protection of Personal Data” (“GDPR”)


As “Data Responsible” as defined under GDPR, we would like to explain the processing purposes of your personal data, reasons, methods for collection of your personal data and your rights related to processing of your personal data and the terms and basis for the applications related to the usage of these rights.



At RoFoods, we collect personal data of our guests, visitors and business partners.


(Data processed for technical process security, risk management information, legal transaction data, marketing data, location data, cookies and other data collected from our users and business partners and other third parties automatically using other tools.)


  1. Your Rights related to Your Personal Data


We hereby inform you that you have the following rights about the data processed by our Company:

  • Learning whether your personal data has been processed or not;
  • Being informed about your personal data if it is processed;
  • Learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether your personal data is used in compliance with the purpose;
  • If exists, learning the third parties whom the personal data has been transferred within Turkey or abroad and which data was transferred;
  • Demanding the correction of the processed personal data if they are wrong or incomplete;
  • If your personal data was modified, deleted or destructed, demanding the notification of these transactions to the third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred;
  • If the reasons requiring your personal data is processed are over or your personal data is not up to date any more, demanding the deletion or destruction of your personal data;

Objecting any situation against you as a result of analysis of your processed personal data exclusively via automatic systems;

Demanding the indemnification of any damage suffered by you due to processing of your personal data against law.


You can make your demands about your rights mentioned above with your application meeting the minimum conditions defined under Announcement on “Terms and Basis about the Application to the Data Responsible” to our KEP address


Personal Information:

 any kind of personal information collected from the managers and employees of the institutions which we have contract or other business relationship and which was taken as a base for the establishment of the personal benefits of the real persons who have employment relationship with our company.